Graduation presentation

In the last year of my study, I followed the Urban Technologies Honors program at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The first half year of the program was dominated by electric driving.

The second half of the year, in 2014, consisted of a graduation internship. For my internship I went to Koppert Cress to pitch my own indoor garden concept. The company became enthusiastic about my story and offered me an internship. During this internship I did research on the consumer needs in the field of growing food. It was a very interesting and informative period. The result of the successful graduation internship was the first prototype of the CressToday! Koppert Cress owner Rob Baan was present at the graduation presentation and was very satisfied with the result.

Opening of the new University

Shortly after the successful completion of the graduation internship, the Amsterdam University asked me whether the CressToday prototype could be used during the opening of the new scholastic year.

This festive event took place in the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. Employees from all domains of the university gathered at this wonderful location. In almost every domain and in every training there is an overlap with an everyday and fascinating subject: nutrition. That is why the theme of ‘food’ was central during the opening. The prototype of the CressToday was in the right place. Various topics were discussed: healthy food, fresh food, local food. And so also the CressToday. Lecturer Inge Oskam took the floor and talked about this new project, what the benefits are and that this product will help the consumer to grow his or her own healthy herbs.

Giving guest lectures at Product Design

Thursday afternoon December 10th 2015: I was a guest at a trusted location. I was asked to give a guest lecture to the students of the 1st and 2nd year at my old Product Design study at the University of Amsterdam. A little more than a year after my graduation I was on stage and told about my experiences during and after my Product Design study. The students were very impressed and after the presentation they all stood in front of the stage to admire CressToday and to taste the cresses. They wanted to know everything about it and also saw the product hanging at their own home! From the corner where all teachers where seated, the feedback sounded: “admirably how you have gotten so far in such a short time!”