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Help! My Grow Cup is leaking2021-05-03T13:06:01+02:00

Oh no.. are you using the Grow Cup for the first time? Then of course this may not happen. Send us a message and we’ll fix it. Have you used the Grow Cup before? Because the cup is made of bio cardboard with a bio coating, it will become weak after 2 to 3 times and will possibly start to leak .. time for a new set!

What happens after harvesting?2021-05-03T13:06:21+02:00

After harvesting, a few new micro-greens sometimes grow, which grew in a second layer under the large cresses. If the cup is completely trimmed, the soil can be disposed with the compost waste, you can wipe the inside of the cup with a wet paper and you can sow new micro-greens with a refill.

When can the lid come off?2021-05-03T13:06:22+02:00

A dark and humid climate is desirable for the germination of the seeds. Therefor it is important to place the lid for the first 2 to 4 days. Every now and then take a peak under the lid, do the seeds have a small stem? Then the lid can be removed, so that the micro-greens can grow into fresh and healthy seasonings.

What material is the Cup made of?2021-05-03T13:06:01+02:00

The cup and lid are sustainable and responsibly produced disposables. They are made of cardboard (Virgin Fiber, BIO coated) and have an FSC certificate.

How long does it take to grow micro-greens?2021-05-03T13:06:22+02:00

That depends a bit on the type of micro-greens (see indication below) and the circumstances. Are the seeds saturated during the germination and do they get enough water and light after the lid came off? Then the cresses are ready to harvest in about 7 days.

  • Garden Cress – 6 days
  • Daikon Cress – 6 days
  • Rucola Cress – 7 days
  • Brocco Cress – 7 days
  • Red Mustard Cress – 8 days
When are the micro-greens ready to harvest?2021-05-03T13:06:22+02:00

The micro-greens are at their best after 7 days! They now protrude about 5 cm above the edge of the cup. Cut them at the height of the edge of the cup, because the stems are just as tasty!

It looks like there is some mold in the cup?2021-05-03T13:06:22+02:00

Do you see some small shite hairs between the seeds during the first few days? Don’t be afraid, this is not mold. These are the first little roots that will go into the ground. After +/- 7 days, the micro-greens are ready to harvest. If you leave the micro-greens grow on for much longer and neglect them, this could result in some mold.

Do the seeds need any water the first days when they are covered?2021-05-03T13:06:22+02:00

No, they don’t. If the coconut tablet with soil is soaked with 175ml of water, this is wet enough for the first 2-3 days. A dark and humid climate is desirable for the germination of the seeds. If the soil feels dry, it is good to spray the seeds 2 or 3 times with a plant spray.

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