Have you ever had a phone-call with a tree? A cocktail made from algae? Everything was possible at the GROW Festival. This was the first, but many more to come. Grown is part of the Urban Greeners and every year we throw the gates of our island and the volume knob open, and show you what we are doing as Urban Greeners. During this year’s festival we had a beautiful and delicious bite: green plant popcorn. We’ve hired ourself a real popcorn car and creating the best snack of the festival!

Because all nice and nice those green innovations, but of course you can also dance a little bit. That is why, in addition to a substantive green program on sustainability, we present an international line-up with progressive hip-hop and electronic acts. This time we had Ronnie Flex, Hef & Crooks, Bokoesam, DJ Abstract, Daniel OG (UK) and the Almeerse talents Leafs, Hard Bits & the Others and much more. Check out the GROW Festival website for more!