Grow Tips


Grown makes growing easy again. However, it will not happen totally automatic. A dusky and humid climate is desirable for the germination of the seeds. For this it is important to place the cover for the first 2 to 4 days *. Take a peek under the lid every now and then, do the seeds have a small stem? The lid can then be removed so that the cresses can grow into fresh and healthy seasonings.

* It depends on the type of cress how long the germination lasts and when the cress can be harvested. So look at the packaging for more information.


Light plays an important role during the growth of your microgreens. That’s why CressToday offers a special LED growth lighting that can stimulate growth throughout the year. Apart from that, the cresses need their night’s rest, just like in nature. Set CressToday so that the lighting goes off in the night for a few hours. If you use the Grow Cup you can best place it in a bright spot in the house, close to the window. Direct sunlight is not desirable.


Water also plays an important role. For example, it is important that the substrate is saturated before you start sowing. A moist soil activates the germination process. In addition, make sure there is always enough water in the water basin. The cress uses the special water-wick as a kind of straw with which they can drink from the water basin day and night. If you want to help your plants a little extra: Use a sprayer with drinking water every now and then. Microgreens are always thirsty!


Temperature can strongly influence the growth of the cresses. That is why the right temperature is desired. This is between 18 and 22 degrees, what’s more or less the average living room temperature. That is why CressToday and the Grow Cup have an open design.


At Grown we use substrate instead of soil. This substrate consists of wood fiber cellulose and offers many advantages. Besides that it has a good capillary effect and therefore absorbs and retains a lot of water, it also ensures a very clean way of growing. In addition, this natural material also provides food for the plants so that they can grow big and strong.