10 x Grow Cup Set


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10 x Grow Cup Set

per 1 package

  • 3 x Biodegradable cup with an FSC certificate
  • 3 x Natural substrate tablet
  • 3 x Cress microgreen seeds
  • Instruction manual flyer
  • Packaging with bio-ink print and Green70 certificate
  • Place the cups in a sunny and warm spot
  • Add some drinking water daily

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10 x Grow Cup Set

Grown now offers everyone, with or without green thumbs, the opportunity to grow microgreens at home thanks to the new grow kit. You may know microgreens, real vitamin bombs, also known as cress: delicious on a sandwich, in a soup, as a base for a pesto or as a garnish with meals.

With this set you get 10 times the Grow Cup Set with different seeds. Grow the microgreens yourself or share the boxes of healthy fun with friends & family. The containers are 100% FAIR and made of biodegradable material. With our products we work together for a better environment and we reduce the impact on the environment. The cups are provided with an FSC certificate and meet the European standard EN13432.

Our health always plays an important part in our life, but certainly at this time. Natural and fresh ingredients are the basis for a healthy diet.

The Cress Grow Kit comes with 3 different flavours:

  1. Brocco Cress – Raw broccoli flavor. The sprouts of Brocco Cress are packed with healthy nutrients such as vitamins C and B6. In addition, a germ contains almost as much sulforaphane as a whole broccoli sprout. (source: www.gezondheidsnet.nl)
  2. Red Mustard Cress – Mild mustard flavor with notes of cauliflower. Red Mustard Cress is not a real mustard, but does contain the substance that causes the mustard allergy. This cress contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium.
  3. Daikon Cress – The sharp rettich taste makes Daikon Cress a true seasoning. This cress contains Vitamin A, Riboflavin / Vit. B2, Vitamin C, Calcium 

So give someone a box of fun and health as a present, or start by yourself or with the kids and grow microgreens in your own kitchen within a few days. Place the cups in a warm and sunny spot in the house and give the microgreens some drinking water every day, after the germination. Easy, tasty, fun and healthy!

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