BroccoCress Refill Box – 10pcs


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BroccoCress Refill Box

  • 10 x Coconut substrate tablet
  • 10 x BroccoCress®

    To reuse the Grow Cup set, the cups must be well cleaned at the inside only (the outside is not waterproof)

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BroccoCress Refill Box

With this Refill Box you will receive:

10 x BroccoCress® – Raw broccoli flavor. The sprouts of BroccoCress® are packed with healthy nutrients such as vitamins C and B6. In addition, a germ contains almost as much sulforaphane as a whole broccoli sprout. (source:

With the mild taste of raw broccoli, BroccoCress® combines well with a healthy sandwich, smoked fish and cheese. Also good for decoration of all kinds of dishes like soups and sauces and a very good product to add to a diet. BroccoCress® contains sulforaphane and is therefore called healthy.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm


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