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CressToday is a user-friendly indoor garden system, now available on the market. With CressToday you can grow your own cress, up to five different varieties at the same time. The mini-herbs are ready to harvest within a few days, so you can enjoy these seasonings on a daily base! CressToday provides the right growing conditions so you grow your own cress at home in a jiffy. Below you can read how CressToday works.

User Manual

LED Grow-Light

CressToday is provided with a special LED grow light. A kind of filtered sunlight because we only use the colors that are required for the plants to grow. Cress can get the most energy out of red and blue light. Through the use of LEDs, CressToday consumes only 11 Watts. This is less than the average house lamp. The lighting is switched on and off automatically with a digital timer. With the special LED light of CressToday you can grow fresh and healthy cress year round, also during the dark winter days!


Water is an important part during the growing process of plants and therefore also of cress. Too little water will dry out the cress, but too much water isn’t good either. CressToday makes it easy for you thanks to the innovative automatic water supply. A handy removable water reservoir ensures a constant layer of water under the cultivation trays. The special water wicks provide the cress day and night with enough water, so your herbs never dry out!


With the CressToday you will receive 5 free convenient Cress-Pads of Grown, so you can start growing straight away. A Cress-Pad consists of natural soil, a sachet with a weighed amount of cress-seeds and an information label. With these Cress pads you can grow your cress in a clean and easy way. In total Grown offers 10 different Cress pads with each their own unique taste. From garden cress to cilantro, try them all!

Award winning design

CressToday has recently been praised with the Good Industrial Design 2017 award, shortly GIO. The GIO is the most important Dutch Design recognition, awarded by Designlink.  With this award Designlink emphasizes the importance of integral product development and stimulates the application of industrial Design.


CressToday is ready to use for European socket with 230V. This indoor garden is complete soundless and only uses 11 Watts, less than an average light bulb. You can attach CressToday in a few simple steps on the wall or at your kitchen counter.

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Dimensions 17 × 50 × 40 cm

6 reviews for CressToday

  1. Ton Wiegel

    What a great investment the cresstoday, works very good, exactly as told.
    And what a company: client friendly, innovative, very adequate
    Asking for the Cresstoday in the online shop and they change the website
    Sending a mail for a manual and within 1 hour a return mail with a link.

  2. Ton Wiegel

    Wat een geweldige investering de cresstoday, werkt zeer goed, precies zoals verteld.
    En wat een bedrijf: klantvriendelijk, innovatief, zeer adequaat
    Vragen naar de Cresstoday in de online winkel en zij veranderen de website
    Het verzenden van een mail voor een handleiding en binnen 1 uur een retourmail met een link.

  3. J. Beijsens

    Ik ben erg blij met mijn eigen kleine kas in de keuken. Bovendien ook nog eens gezellig lichtje zo. Het installeren ging goed en de kruiden groeien welig. Heb al een paar keer met de kruiden gekookt en hoop dat er heel veel nieuwe kruiden toegevoegd gaan worden. Echt perfect voor thuiskoks en wellicht ook professionele keukens!

  4. J. Beijsens

    I am very happy with my own small greenhouse in the kitchen. Also a cozy light like that. The installation went well and the herbs grow luxuriantly. Have already cooked with the herbs a few times and hope that a lot of new herbs will be added. Really perfect for home cooks and perhaps also professional kitchens!

  5. Korstiaan

    The Grown is a fantastic product. Perfect for us as busy parents of young kids and it scores very high with regard to ”ease of use”. After the sowing the plantlets hardly need any maintenace until harvest due to the smart system of watering though cotton laces. The children love to help with the sowing, to watch the cresses grow and to discover their tastes!
    I predict this product a great future especially if people find out more about the health benefits of these seedlings of various plant species containing high concentrations of micronutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Furthermore the freshness of home grown cresses is unchallenged. Good luck with the sales of your start-up company. Best regards Korstiaan

  6. Korstiaan

    De Grown is een fantastisch product. Perfect voor ons als drukke ouders van jonge kinderen en scoort erg hoog met betrekking tot ” gebruiksgemak ”. Na het zaaien hebben de plantjes nauwelijks onderhoud nodig tot de oogst dankzij het slimme systeem van water geven via katoenen veters. De kinderen vinden het heerlijk om te helpen met het zaaien, de cressen te zien groeien en hun smaak te ontdekken!
    Ik voorspel dit product een geweldige toekomst, vooral als mensen meer te weten komen over de gezondheidsvoordelen van deze zaailingen van verschillende plantensoorten met hoge concentraties aan micronutriënten, vitamines en antioxidanten. Bovendien is de versheid van zelfgekweekte cressen niet betwist. Veel succes met de verkoop van uw start-up bedrijf. Met vriendelijke groet, Korstiaan

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