100 x Grow Love Packet


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100 x Cress Grow Love Packet

per 1 package:

  • Limited Edition
  • 1 x Natural wood-fiber Substrate
  • 1 x Red Mustard Cress seeds (*mustard allergy)
  • Instructions on the packaging
  • Recipe inspiration on the packaging


* Red Mustard Cress does contain the substance that causes the mustard allergy

In stock

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100 times the Grow Love Packet

Share some healthy love with friends & family! With the Grow Love Packet your beloved ones can grow their own Red Mustard Cress (from Koppert Cress) on a heart-shaped substrate. 

Red Mustard Cress

Mild mustard flavor with notes of cauliflower. Red Mustard Cress is not a real mustard, but does contain the substance that causes the mustard allergy. This cress contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium.


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