PROMOTION: Box 3x Grow Cup + 6 FREE Cress Pods


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3 Grow Cup’s in a nice box

  • Ready to use!
  • No green thumbs needed
  • Works with the ‘cress-pods’
  • Every Cup delivered with 5 refills

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Grow Cup

The grow cup as you know it, but in triplicate! Grow different flavours at the same time, or share with family and friends!

With the Grow Cup, you can grow your own mini-herbs in an fun and easy way. This product brings nature into your home and you will enjoy a special green experience. The principle is simple: fill the Grow Cup with water, place a substrate disc in the tray and saturate with drinking water. Then spread the seeds on top of the substrate and place the lid for the first few days to germinate the seeds at the same time. After that, the lid can be removed and the cresses will be ready to harvest within a few days.

The Cress Pods are biodegradable. Once all the cress has been harvested, the substrate can be used for compost waste and you can sow a new Cress Pod.


Each Grow Cup now comes with 5 Cress-Pod refills, which allows you to grow 5 different cresses. In total, we currently offer 5 different cress species each with their own surprising influence on our senses. Delicious flavors, fresh smells and beautiful colors. Cresses are very healthy and easy to use with every meal. Delicious on a sandwich, in soup, as a base for a pesto or as a finishing touch at dinner.

‘Create the best version of your food’ is therefore our slogan.


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