CressToday is market-ready, but is the market ready for CressToday? We wanted to check this during a crowdfund campaign that started at the end of 2015 via Crowd About Now. A platform with the focus on catering projects, which gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to get financing for the start of their business. Our crowdfund campaign was based on a pre-sale. This enabled us to clearly see what the potential of CressToday was.

4 weeks later the campaign succeeded! A big thanks for all investors, friends, family and other CressToday fans, thanks! But, what’s next? From the crowdfund campaign it has become clear that CressToday has a great potential. We raised 20k in 4 weeks! That’s of course what we wanted to see. With this confirmation and the amount of all investors we were able to continue with the next step. Together with an extra loan, the financing is complete and we were ready to start production!