Toon from Grown

As the son of two landscape architects, Toon chooses a different path than the world of plants and decides to study Product Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. The first contact with Koppert Cress was in April 2013 when he had to design a product for the future kitchen of 2020 during a study project. Therefor, he designs an automated indoor greenhouse for the kitchen and completed his study project with a first prototype. The seed has been planted and when Toon has to find a graduation internship in 2014, both Koppert Cress and himself are enthusiastic to elaborate the concept from a year back into a realistic consumer product. After his graduation, Toon worked internally at Koppert Cress for a year, after which he started his own company Grown and thus ended up, through a detour, in the world of plants.

Grow Microgreens at Home

With Grown, Toon offers everyone, with or without green thumbs, the opportunity to grow microgreens at home. He designs various grow products with which, in combination with the so-called “cress pads” with the seeds of Koppert Cress, you can start your own cress production in an instant. Sustainability is central to the products and the containers are made in The Netherlands out of biodegradable material. Thanks to Grown’s products, many consumers started a new vegetable garden hobby at home and thus create the tastiest dishes in combination with home-grown microgreens. For the consumer who does not yet know how to apply the greens, Toon, in collaboration with Mitch Smeekes, makes a number of tasty and inspiring recipes that cover the entire Grown flavor range.

Product Designer
Marketing & Sales